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Christmas Party Game Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

Can you believe that our huge Christmas event is less than 10 days away? We are going through our guest list as we speak, we have all our Christmas party game ideas in order, and we can’t wait for you to come over and join the fun next Saturday!


Our excitement is growing stronger by the minute.




For that particular reason, we decided to share some of our favourite Christmas games in case you’re all out of Christmas party game ideas for your own party. We also made an entire video about it (yes, that’s how excited we are) and you can take a look at it if you just scroll down.


First on our list is:

Put on Your Winter Clothes





When you think about it, this is actually one very useful game.


For starters, you will need some winter accessories. At least two sets, to be precise. A set consists of a scarf, a pair of gloves, a pair of boots, and a hat. Two or more players can play this game, however, each player will be needing his own set of winter accessories. The first person to put on all the items in the set will be the winner.


Two or more players can play this game, however, each player will be needing his own set of winter accessories. The goal of this game is to put on all the winter accessories first.


If your kids are 7 or older and have more space at their disposal, you can easily turn this into a race. In that case, each team gets a single winter set. The first from the group puts on all the items, passes a number of obstacles and passes on the winter accessories to the next member of the team. The first team to complete the race with all of their members will be the winner.


Musical Christmas Chairs




For this version of musical chairs, you’ll be needing as many Christmas-themed hats as there are chairs. Pretty much the same rules apply as for the musical chairs we all know and love, except that the kids are now expected to put on the hats first and sit on a chair.


Pass the Hat


Another version of a game that also includes Christmas hats requires the kids to stand in a circle and pass on a hat from one to the other. Everyone should put a hat on their head, twirl around themselves and then pass the hat forward.


When the music stops, the person wearing the hat will be out of the game. As you might have guessed, the last person standing will be the winner!






This is one of those games that both kids and adults can find their way around. Okay, adults can test just how much flexibility they have left.


And if you’re wondering what exactly makes this one of our top Christmas party game ideas (and how is it related to Christmas at all), you should know that the answer lies in decorating a limbo stick into an icicle, as you can see in our video below.


Another twist


If you’re more of a jumping crowd, you can jump over the icicle instead of dancing under it.


Tree hunt




For this Christmas-themed game you’ll need some sort of a tree shaped hat. You can probably find something similar to what we used in our video in a dollar store or any party store and put it on a head of one child. Find a suitable blindfold and cover that kid’s eyes.


The rest of the children should make a circle around the person carrying a hat.


The child standing in the center then holds out his hand and starts spinning around. When the music stops, that child must come towards the person standing in front of him and try to guess who that person is.


Snow Parachute


If you’re having a bunch of babies over for Christmas, this could be the perfect way to entertain them.


All you will be needing is an improvized parachute made out of a light-weight, snow-white material. Have the kids sit on the floor or a blanket and get a help of another parent to lift the parachute up in the air and back down.


Snowball Fight


Naturally! Create custom snowballs by crumbling some paper and wrapping it in tape. The snowballs won’t be too heavy, meaning that both younger and older kids would be able to play with them without getting hurt. But there will be nothing to stop you, as a parent, to also join the fun!


One of the reasons we love our job as much as we do is having all this joy to participate in. If you don’t want to be on your on during this holiday season, you can always book us and we will gladly spend some quality time with you!


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