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Each year when the days start getting shorter, all of us Fairylanders start drinking more cocoa. It’s our way we of keeping the magic going between the holidays and all the amazing parties we have with you.


That warm velvety beverage slowly eases us into the Christmas season and it’s not long after that we start getting all the ideas regarding another annual event we know you also love.


So, as you can probably guess, we are already all worked up and ready for the big Christmas Kids Event 2018!


Wait, you’re already all worked up? What are you planning, Fairylanders?


This year our Christmas kids event will be all about the ONE who stole Christmas! And as you all know how who that is, you can only imagine what he could possibly have in store for us!


 What about other characters?


Of course there will be other characters. You know our parties are always filled with some of our favourite characters.


This year those are going to be Elsa and Olaf, Marshall, Peppa  and Spiderman and of course Santa and Elf.

Great! So you must be hosting two events the same day again, right?


Exactly. Our Christmas kids event will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2018.


The show for kids age 1-4 starts at 11:00 AM and lasts until 12:45 PM.


The show for kids age 5-10 starts at 1:00 PM and lasts until 2:45 PM.


Meaning that we will again be able to provide a range of activities that will suit both our youngest guests, and those that are slightly bit older.


What are we going to do this year?


That’s a good question: Among other things, there will be a bunch of artsy and crafty things that will wake up the creators in your young ones. Apart from that, we will again do so many face painting because we heard you all love those and, we have to admit, we do, too.


Will you still let us take the pictures with our favourite characters?


Most definitely. As far as we know, Elsa and Anna want to break their last year’s record in taking seasonal pictures, so be sure to take advantage of that. As always, we made sure you have the best possible Christmas surrounding for those precious picture moments (hint: lots of decoration included).


On top of that every child will get a FREE photo from Santa and a candy cane from our beloved Elf.


Now the important part: Booking tickets


You can book tickets by clicking here and scrolling down. Each ticket is $20 and both kids and parents should obtain a ticket in order to attend the event. After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation from Paypal. That’s all! Now we have your ticket information and you will be on our guest list. All you need to do is come on the show date and say your name.


We also have super group deals available:


10 tickets for $150.


20 tickets for $250


See you December 15th!






Christmas party

Our entertainment program is a great addition to any Christmas party, whether it is at your home or at your office: It will add flavour to this wonderful holiday. We assure you that your guests will remember this Christmas party for years! The entertainment program, hosted by Santa’s helper, the elf, will involve themed games, activities, and dancing that will get everyone on their feet. A fun guest, the snowman, will join the party and bring his favourite game, the snow ball fight, which is definitely a kid’s favourite. After all the fun and dancing, Santa will join the party to sing his jolly song and give everyone their presents.This party is great for corporate events, mall events, festivals and private parties.