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Halloween kids event 2017, Toronto

Fairyland Theatre invites everyone to their ANNUAL HALLOWEEN EVENT FOR KIDS!

This year we are not celebrating just any Halloween party: We are preparing our 17th annual Halloween party!

Can you imagine that it’s been 17 years since we started celebrating this spooky day with you? Meaning that many guests who have visited our first ever Halloween event are now, actually, adults!

Our Halloween event for kids will be happening at our Toronto (North York) location
Address: 1183A Finch Ave west unit 2 (Finch/Dufferin)  

This year we have even more special guests on our list:

– Belle and her Beast

– Batman and Joker

– The Monster High crew

– And even more goblins, witches, and pumpkins than before!

We will be stepping into the world of magic, spells, and adventure, the three main pillars of this magnificent holiday we all love. So rediscover your creative side, start planning the costumes with your kids and make sure to book your tickets on time!

We’ve prepared a bunch of interactive games and jammed them with an additional splash of creativity. We are ready to see your friendly faces in our spooky atmosphere and to share some wonderful memories with you.

All of the kids we’ll be able to take a picture with our characters and show off their amazing costumes. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the new Halloween themed decoration in our store!

$15 each ticket (both kids and adults require a ticket)

Group deals:
$50 for 4 tickets
$80 for 8 tickets

Call us for more information at 416 663 1700

At Fairyland Theatre we enjoy celebrating each holiday but Halloween is definitely the one that challenges our creativity. Each year we organize a super fun Halloween party for kids! At our Halloween party we play many themed games organized by our Halloween characters and accompanied by Halloween music and projections.

All kids come dressed up as their favorite characters and are always excited to see our spooky newest Halloween guests.

Our Halloween party is great for both kids and adults!

We also do corporate parties, malls shows, festivals or any other parties.