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How much in advance should I order a birthday Party?

We suggest that you book at least two month in advance to get preferred time and day.

What do I need to bring for my party?

For pkgs. # 1,2,3 – We provide cups, plates, napkins, forks/spoons, pizza and drinks for kids. We can provide all of that for adults as well for an extra charge, but you are also welcome to bring your own tableware and drinks for adults. In these packages a cake cutting knife, candles and matches are also provided. Loot bags are not included in the packages 1, 2, but you can bring your own or order them with us for an extra charge. Coffee is included, as well as milk, sugar and cups. Floating balloons are not included in the packages, but you are welcome to bring your own or other them with us.

If my guest arrives late do I still need to pay for them?


If a child does not participate in the entertainment program do I still need to pay for them?


If a child is late can they still get face painting and dress up into a costume?

If a guest arrives when the entertainment program has already begun, we cannot do face painting for them because all of our staff is involved in the entertainment program. If you have a dress up party, a late guest is welcome to make their way to the change room by themself and choose a costume.

Is there free parking available?

Free parking is available.

Are indoor shoes required for kids?

We require for all kids to have indoor shoes to keep the facility clean. No socks are allowed as if may be slippery. Parents are allowed to keep their shoes on. During winter time, we would appreciate if parent have indoor shoes as well.

If I have a dress up party how do I prepare my child?

For girls: We suggest that you bring a tank top, tights and nice shoes as it will help the dress look better rather than with jeans and running shoes.

For boys: running shoes or any other comfortable indoor foot wear.

Can I ask my guests to bring their own costumes?


Is your make up and face painting washable?

All our make up and face paint is washable and non toxic. If you child’s skin in sensitive or allergy prone, we do not recommend that they apply makeup or face painting. We do not take responsibility for allergic reactions.

Is there a place to breastfeed or change a baby?

If you need to breastfeed or change a baby, just let us know and we assist you to a private room at our North York location.

Is there a microwave and a refrigerator?


Will boys enjoy a princess party?

Yes, our princess parties will be fun for boys because our games are very active.

Will girls enjoy superhero parties?

Yes, all our parties are fun for both girls and boys.

What is the difference between additional character and additional entertainer?

Additional character is 1 entertainer dressing up into two characters, when you book an additional entertainer you will have two different people.

What if not all my guests show up, do I still pay for them?

You only pay for guests that come to your party.

If coffee provided for adults?

Coffee for adults is included. Coffee, milk, sugar, stir sticks and cups provided.

May I drop by to see the facility?

We will be happy to give you a tour at our location, but since we do not have set hours during the week and we are busy on weekend with parties, it is best to give us a call and book an appointment prior to your visit.