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Important information to know for your party at your location

  • Fairyland Theatre entertainers will work with any location you will choose for your party. Even though larger facilities or middle-sized facilities are more suitable for most games, we can adjust the party to smaller facilities such as a room in a house. We highly recommend freeing the space of any breakable items and moving furniture to provide maximum space.
  • We highly recommend for you to invite your guests at least 15 minutes before the entertainer arrives.
  • If you are planning extra activities such as individual photos of each child with the entertainer or cake cutting ceremony that you would like the entertainer to stay for, please let us know in advance. We will need to allocate time for those activities.
  • If you ask the entertainer to stay for extra time, it will result in extra charges of $25 for 15 minutes.

We appreciate your understanding of the following rules. They are set up to help us make your party fun and stress-free.
That’s all!