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Shimmer and Shine party Toronto

shimmer and shine party toronto


Shimmer and Shine themed party: Party Details


Arrival To Shimmer and Shine Themed Party

The birthday girl and family are greeted by one of our Genies upon their arrival to their personal Shimmer and Shine Themed party! One of our Genies assists the birthday girl to the dressing room where she can choose from over 100s of costumes and pick her perfect outfit.

Party Begins

Once your guests begin to arrive they are welcomed to get their faces painting and get dressed up into a costumes (for pkgs. 2 & 3).

Shimmer and Shine Themed Party Entertainment Program

Shimmer and Shine are very cute and silly genies! They love to make wishes come true, but someone wishes can go wrong, oh no! They invite kids to fly on their magical carpet, find the magical lamp and collect shiny gems! They love to dance around the stars and fly in the sky!

Photo Time

After the Shimmer and Shine Entertainment program, Genies will pose for photos with kids and of course a personal one with the Birthday girl!

Pizza Time

Following the Entertainment Program, kids are invited to sit down at the table to enjoy hot & fresh pizza!

Cake Time

When it is cake time we invite kids back to the table, dim the lights and turn on a PERSONALIZED HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG for our special person of the day! The Shimmer and Shine Themed Cake is brought out by the princess to the Happy Birthday song and placed in front of the birthday child. Shimmer and Shine then invites all kids and parents to sing Happy Birthday all together.

Wrap Up

If there is time left after the kids have finished eating and before it is time to wrap up, kids will be welcomed to have a mini dance party or play in the play area.