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3 Valentine’s Day Activities Perfect for Your Little Ones

After your kids and you are done with our awesome Valentine’s Day party, about which you can find out more HERE, you’ll still have a whole day ahead of you to spread love with your precious ones.


For that reason, we came up with some amazing Valentine’s Day activities a whole family can enjoy.


Teaching them Kindness




This Valentine’s morning, send your kids on a special mission. Challenge them to be the kindest they can be.


Here’s how to achieve that:


Before they wake up, on their nightstand leave an envelope with their mission for that day. Let the mission be something small but meaningful. A gesture which is both a sign of kindness and good manners.


For example: Let their mission be to call their grandparents and see how they are doing, or have them buy a flower or a cupcake to their nanny or next-door neighbor.


It can even be something as simple as: “Try to say ‘thank you’ as often as possible.”


At the end of the day, hear about their results and award them with a special batch of cupcakes or chocolate.



Group Painting




As much as we love group photos, we have to admit that group paintings are so much more fun.


Firstly, make sure you have necessary supplies: You’ll need a large painting surface. Don’t overthink this: Whichever kind of paper (or canvas, if you want to go a step further) is available to you will work just fine. The same goes for colors. Watercolors, pastels, crayons… Whatever suits your budget and your needs is just perfect.


Divide paper in as many sections as there are family members and have each paint their own section. You can divide the surface in squares or large concentric circles. Once you finish your group painting, hang it on a wall and enjoy your mutual success.



Getting outdoorsy



As the weather is not as cold as it used to be until recently, we are sure you’ll be able to enjoy a nice long walk with your family. Use the opportunity of a holiday as lovely as Valentine’s Day is to enjoy this activity even more than you usually do.


First of all, you’ll need some bird seed. It’s relatively budget-friendly, depending on the amount you want to buy. We suggest you take somewhere between 200 and 500 grams, but the decision is entirely up to you, you’ll see later why.


Split bird seed into small amounts and wrap them in tiny packages. You can pack them in pieces of paper or paper bags and tie them with pink and red ribbons (this too can be a family project if your kids are old enough to know how to tie their shoes).


What you’re about to do with those tiny packages is unwrap them one at a time during your walk (or better yet, your children are), and leave out food to birds every hundred feet or so, again: It’s your call.


At the same time, your kids will have their share of physical activity and be taught about the importance of caring for others. And that’s what this holiday is all about!


Enjoy this Valentine’s Day, and we’ll see you at our party this Saturday!

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