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Helping them focus: Activities for kids with ADHD

If being a parent would come with a manual, things would be so much easier. Instead, we face challenges more than we care to admit and learn to solve the problems as we go.


However, every now and then we come face to face with something new and unusual that really tackles with our patience and, in this case, the patience and focus of our kids.


When they need to see everything and all at once


Every child is a universe on its own. Each of them has a distinct personality and something that makes them unique compared to the other children.


Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: They can lose focus instantly.


ADHD makes the matters even harder to deal with, especially when you consider the numbers: 10% of the children are diagnosed with this disorder.


Below we’re giving you a couple of suggestions that, in our opinion, are great activities for kids with ADHD, but can also be a fun way to boost every child’s focus:


Physical activity




Research has, on a couple of occasions, proven that physical activity can help fight ADHD symptoms. After all, even Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD back in the day and it has never stopped him from achieving success.


Activities which require a higher level of attention on our body movements are the ones that have proven to be most helpful. Because of that, many experts suggest enrolling children into gymnastics classes.


However, today we know that any kind of exercise can boost levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in our body, and it’s precisely those two hormones that help control ADHD symptoms.


If your child doesn’t feel like gymnastics should be his or her choice, among other activities for kids with ADHD, they can always opt for dancing, or even yoga for kids.



The importance of routine and what creativity has to do with it




Activities for kids with ADHD are just a part of the process. A bigger segment that also helps fight its symptoms is building an entire routine around them. A well-planned routine can truly affect your child’s behaviour and help them learn and develop the same way as their peers.


A repeating pattern helps them build habits which will hopefully make them more productive and less prone to procrastination.


It’s also very important that the routine contains activities your child enjoys in and which spark his creativity.


On our Pinterest page you can look up ideas for crafty DIY and art projects you child can work on individually or with your help.


 Understanding your child


What is necessary for every parent to understand is that ADHD doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. But you as a parent can definitely be a part of the solution.


At this point, it’s important to know that success is achievable and that your child, too, can grow to be a developed and educated individual. Just make sure to be there for your child without creating too much pressure.


Without the extra pressure, try being their source of support and simulation. Practice with them and read with them. Play memory games with them. Cook together and teach them new things. Because only as long as you push them to grow, they have a chance to outgrow their condition and reach full potential.

One thought on “Helping them focus: Activities for kids with ADHD

  1. Scott

    I had no idea that 10% of children are diagnosed with ADHD. I can see why it would be important to be aware of it and watch for the warning signs that your child might have it. I think that it is important to all your children to play outside and get their energy out. One good way to do this is to sign them up for a sports team.


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