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How to Whip up an Excellent Back to School Party in Less Than a Day

The start of the school year is definitely hectic for both children and parents. There are a lot of supplies to be bought, schedules to be planned, and budget cuts to be made. Not to mention the last minute shopping once you realize that the jeans you thought could last your kid until the spring are hardly reaching his ankle joints.


Still, we always feel the urge to try and make the start of the school year as positive time as possible. That is why this time we came up with an unmistakable plan that will help you hold a flawless back to school party in no time. Let’s run through the basics first:




Space, time, guests


The weather is still fairly nice. Use your or your friend’s backyard as a setting. If it rains by any chance, any living room or a redecorated basement would do.


Check with other parents what time works for them. For more efficient communication, avoid invitations in paper and organize everything online. Create a group chat where parents can easily exchange information and organize better. You can also do that with a Facebook post with a customized audience.


It’s time for your next challenge:




If by any chance you happen to keep an old blackboard in the attic, you’re already half way there. You can use it to for a drawing of a cartoon hero or a cheerful message like: “Happy first day of school!” or “Enjoy the fresh start!”Pick up a map of the world in case you don’t already have one spread it on the wall on the other side of the room.




Pick up a map of the world in case you don’t already have one spread it on the wall on the other side of the room. Using colorful post-it notes to mark your hometown, the places you have visited so far and the places your kid and you wish to visit.


Use a stack of books with a cupcake tray on the top as a centerpiece.


Keep it simple and schooly with food




When it comes to food, the most creative solutions lie in the simplest of recipes. As the party is all about going back to school, the menu can be composed of all the traditional lunchbox stuff.


Have a bunch of sandwiches cut in half wrapped in individual lunch bags. Use cupcake liners instead of bowls and fill them with grapes and baby carrots.


Add some pudding cups and mini donuts, and you’ve got yourself a feast!


A school-themed movie and an activity extra


We think it’s important that both parents and kids can have options. As you know your kids best, it will be easier for you to decide what kind of activities to plan. However, if you feel your kid can make that decision for you, we fully support you. So:


You can either watch a school-themed movie to really set that back to school mood going or have a bunch of activities, most of which are DIY.


When it comes to movies, our ideas include: Any Harry Potter movie, School of Rock, Mary Poppins, The High School Musical, Sky High, and Monsters University.


If you’d rather opt for a DIY project, you can have kids make their own bookmarks. They can do that using pressed flowers or simply by colouring the templates you can prepare beforehand (just look up the needed dimensions). You can also help them make personalized pencil holders they can exchange with other kids at the end of the party.


If you have any new ideas or pro tips you would like to share with us, you can do that in the comments below. We would love to hear your movie suggestions!

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