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3 Pillars of the Perfect Halloween Party for Kids

This year’s Halloween is approaching scaringly fast!


Not sure if you have noticed, but we have a big thing planned for you this year. Next Saturday we’ll be hosting our SIXTEENTH Annual Halloween party for kids! We are so excited we can hardly wait.


halloween event for kids


While we dot the i’s and cross the t’s regarding our party, you can hop over HERE if you want to book your tickets, or you can continue reading if you want to find out our best pro tips for the most awesome Halloween party for kids.


As some things are a must when it comes to kids’ Halloween party ideas, let’s start with the basics:


Are your Halloween decorations ready?





We suppose that, by now, you have at least half a dozen of pumpkins lying around your front yard or apartment.  However, if you’ll be hosting a Halloween party for kids, you know you’ll need some added spookiness.


As we mentioned before, including your kids in the process of creating DIY decorations isn’t only a good excuse for added quality time, but it can also be a beneficial way to save some time and money.


So get your printables, glitter, and glue ready or simply start off with some adorable inspiration HERE.


If for some reason, you don’t think DIY is not a solution good enough for this year’s party, you can always hop over to our store, and get some of our fabulous backdrops.


To the delicious, trick-or-treating part




I don’t know why we even bother mentioning, but sugary treats are definitely the glue that holds every Halloween party together. Even though we try as hard as we can to steer the kids away from the sugary sweetness, having one afternoon away from such restrictions seems like an entirely appropriate thing to do.


And this year all you busy moms can feel like super productive chefs, too! If there is one staple Halloween treat you can make at any given point, then those are definitely ghost pretzels.


What you need are pretzels and white and black chocolate chips. Just dip the tips of the pretzels into melted white chocolate and draw faces using black melted chocolate once the first layer dries out. As simple as that!


For more ideas on homemade treats, you can rely on our Halloween Pinterest board which we will be updating regularly.


Appropriate Halloween activities for kids


Any well-planned party for kids needs a good deal of engaging activities that will keep them on their toes. This year, during our Halloween event, we will be making monster masks with the kids, for example.


We took time to create a great visual guide for all the parents and children out there:



You yourself can use the advantages of the online world and find an adequate printable that will help the kids at your party create their own mask they could later take home with them. From what we could see, there is at least a dozen of different ways one can make a jack-o-lantern mask. And that’s just a start!


If logistics is what bothers you with this activity, you can remind parents in your invitation to bring kid scissors when they drop off children.


On the other hand, you can always adapt the usual activities that have proven huge and have them play games like Monster Freeze Dance or Ghost-Centration game.


If you have some great Halloween party ideas you would like to share with us, make sure to do that in the comment. We would like to hear your thoughts on this one!

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