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Fun Halloween Games for kids

Fun Halloween Games for kids

Halloween Party Games

Let’s make your kids’ Halloween Party more than just costumes and trick-or-treating. These games are perfect for any Halloween party with kids!

We will help you make Halloween night the best one yet!

Halloween Games Ideas for the Kids
Halloween Games for kids

#1 Games with Ghost Balloons
To make a ghost balloon we need:
Black Tape to make the eyes
And streamers at the back.

Version # 1:

Let’s start with the a game for kids ages 2 to 4 years old. Give them the ghost balloons and ask them to throw them up in the air.

Halloween games for kids

Ghost Balloons
Great game for ages 2 and up

Version # 2:
The game you can play with the older kids is called the Ghost Volleyball. Simply put a net in the middle and make 2 teams. Using 3 or 4 ghost volleyballs, instruct each team to toss the ghosts to opposite side without letting the balloons fall on their side.

Halloween Party Games

Ghost Volleyball
Great game of kids age 5 and up

Version # 3:
Another variation of this game is to hang the balloons up on the ceiling and have kids will jump up to get them.

Halloween games for kids

Jump up to reach the ghost balloon on the ceiling

#2 Games with Ghost Cups
To make Ghost Cups we need:
Plastic/paper Cup
Black Tape
Kitchen garbage bags (white)

white balloon string
Version # 1:
A Cup Ghost game is great for older kids.  Ask them to sit around the circle and hold their ghost by the string. One player must hold a witch hat and sit in the middle. The player in the middle must try to catch the ghost with the witch hat while the players around the circle pull their ghost by the string.

Halloween party games

Version # 2:
The another variation of the game is applicable with all ages and it’s called Candy Treasure Hunt. To play that game, put some candy in the cups before wrapping them in kitchen bags.  Hide these candy ghost around the whole house. Under the bed, in the fridge, under the pillows, on the ceilings!  And after kids find all the ghost it’s time to each some candy.

Halloween Party games

Broom Stick competition

#3 Witch Broom Stick Competition
Did you know how Witches travel on Halloween? They use a broom stick! Let’s have a broomstick competition!

To play this game you need to divide kids into two teams. Ask them to line up in single file line and give them a broom stick. Each person holding the broom stick will run forward around a chair, come back, pass the broom stick to the next person and stand next to on the line. The 1st team will complete the race will be the winner.


Halloween Party Games

Halloween Limbo

# 4 Halloween LIMBO
What Halloween can it be without a Halloween LIMBO game?
Simply decorate your limbo stick in the Halloween style.


# 5 Spiderweb toss

This game is similar to a ring toss games, but we use spiderweb and spiders (all can be purchased at a dollar store). Make a line to indicate the distance and give each child a spider. Place the web either on a chair or the floor. The one to throw the spider closest to centre, wins! Or all can be winners!

Halloween Party Games

Spiderweb Competition

# 6 Musical Witch Hats

Turn a simple musical chairs, into Musical Witch Hats game! Place the hats on each chair and tell the kids to put the hats on their head when they sit on the chairs!

Halloween Musical chairs

Halloween Musical chairs

#7 Jump on Spider webs

Great game for small kids! Place spiderwebs around the house and ask the kids to jump from one to the other.

Halloween party games

Spider web jumping

I hope you enjoy my Halloween wonderful ideas. Have a great Halloween Party!!!

Watch our Halloween Games on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdHoRK36FEQ

Happy Halloween!


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