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Top 10 Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

When you’re an adult, a birthday is usually just an opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends and family while trying to forget that you are now officially one year older. But when you take a look back at your childhood, you remember all the enthusiasm that was involved in planning every single birthday.


When you’re a child, every birthday is a significant milestone. With each birthday you are a step closer to becoming an adult who doesn’t have to get to bed at nine, do homework regularly, but who also has the freedom to choose what to wear.


That’s why birthdays are such a big deal.


They are true signifiers that one day you’ll be that big girl who can do everything your aunt, mother, and your parents’ friends can. It’s only later that you discover that being an adult is not as fun as it seems at first. But that’s an entirely different topic.


Today we are here to talk about another fun aspect of birthdays: Birthday gift ideas.


If you plan on attending your niece’s birthday party next weekend or if you’re invited to your neighbours’ daughter bash and have no idea what to shop for, we’ve got you covered.


Here are our top 10 birthday gift ideas for a 5-year-old girl:

  1. My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset ON SALE FOR $47.99 (Reg. Price $101.23)

gift-ideas-for-5-year-old-girl-001-fairy-gardenAs we are pretty much all sick and tired of all the snow and cold out there, we decided to start out with a pretty spring-related gift idea. This is also a great way to impose on the child some of the benefits of having a green thumb. Plus, this set contains everything you need to start growing the magical garden, so the parents won’t have to go through all the trouble of buying soil and the seeds.


2. PAW Patrol Jumbo Action Pup Toy, Skye Price $19.99


If you’re a parent, an aunt, or don’t generally live under a rock, you must have noticed that Paw Patrol is the latest sensation among our tiny beloved humans. We can hardly blame them. Paw Patrol is a group of adorable but brave puppies who save the day in every single episode. Well, Skye is one little smartie who flies her helicopter like it’s no big deal and is always ready for action. As many girls are fans of her, we are sure she is an awesome gift idea for a 5-year-old girl.


3. DC Super Hero Girls Triple Team Collection Price $34.99

Speaking of empowering female characters that are always ready for action, this energetic team consisting of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Poison Ivy is a perfect match for that young empowered lady whose birthday you’re about to make more special. If your daughter or niece is dreaming of one day attending Super Hero High and fighting the evil, this is probably a gift you cannot go wrong with.


4. Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook ON SALE for $78.71 (Reg. Price $140.02)

As at the age of 5 the interests of the kids are slowly starting to clarify, we tried making this list as versatile as possible. Not only is this a great set even if your little girl has siblings, it’s also a great way to introduce her to the basics of mechanics and the way machines work. Though the robot doesn’t have motorized part, it still does have wheels and gears, which makes it a bit more interactive, and is also a great way to wake the curiosity in a 5-year-old child.


5. Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll Price $17.99

As the premiere of the latest version of Beauty and the Beast featuring our role model Ema Watson is getting closer, you might want to consider getting your princess something appropriate to the theme. As if we didn’t love Belle enough before, Emma Watson will surely make us love her even more. Belle is striving to reclaim her throne of being the most popular princess among kids. Meaning that it’s a perfect moment for you to snatch something with her character on it.
After all, she’s the only princess that is also a bookworm.


6. Bath Combo Set Bubble Bath Body Wash Magic Towel Price $17.95

While we’re on the topic of princesses, we might as well add this one. It’s one of our personal favourites. If you’ve been with us for a longer time you probably know that Frozen is one of our favourite parties to throw, and we’re so glad that you like them as much as we do.
And if you have an absolute Frozen fan in your proximity who knows all the words of the songs by heart and has Frozen themed everything, from slippers to bed sheets, this is the gift you are looking for.


7. The Descendants: Mal’s Ruffled Nightgown ON SALE for $19.99 (Reg. Price $46.88)

We’re coming to the fashionable part. When it comes to gift ideas for a girl turning 5, fashionable choices are something you should be careful about. However, we know that Mal’s sense of fashion is always on point. Her style is a bit on the dangerous side, and this ruffled nightgown is a great way for your little girl to show her inner wild side before she goes to bed.Yes, that is a hair-raising statement for parents, and we are aware of that. Still, this is a gift idea too cute to pass.


8. Rabbit Backpack ON SALE for $22.66 (Reg. Price $39.99)

Another adorable fashion statement. The backpack has enough room for storing necessary toys when they’re on the go or to pack lunch when the grandparents are taking them out for a picnic or a hike. But it’s also a nice way for a 5-year-old to show off her love for animals.


9. Talking Microscope  Price $52.00

We were so thrilled when we saw this one that we almost decided to order one for ourselves. Then we figured it would be a bit challenging to incorporate just one into a party activity, so we left it on our pending list. Just like the robot we talked about earlier, this is also a great toy that supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning and offers an incredible experience for the young ones just getting to know about the amazing world of science.
The fact that it is a talking microscope that actually can ask questions makes it a bit more interactive and brings the whole experience of learning to a new level.


10. AquaBeads Spiral Pen Bead Set Price $66.04

This one may be the last on our list, but it goes without saying that we would list it even among our top 3 gift ideas for a 5-year-old-girl. Actually, we wished this was invented back when we were kids. We bet we wouldn’t be able to take our eyes away from it for days. It’s probably the one item from this list that sparks creativity the most. It gives your favourite 5-year-old a way to express her artistic side and also create some adorable and memories.

Finding the perfect gift for a young lady that’s only starting to develop as a person can sometimes feel like a walk in the dark. But it’s the subtle signs that you should look for that point you in the right direction.


We tried to compile a list that would include a bit of everything, and we are almost hundred percent that one of this gift ideas will be perfect for a 5-year-old girl in your life. So let us know how it went!

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