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Healthy Snacks for Birthday Parties

4 ways you can improve birthday party snacks to make them healthier

Preparing food for a larger group of children can be challenging. But preparing healthy food for a larger group of children some even consider a quest. In our work, we come across both the children who love veggies and children who are all about chocolate. And we, just like you, do understand that every child is different.

However, that shouldn’t discourage you in your mission to put a healthy meal on the table in any occasion. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that there is always a way to interest a child into working with you.

If you’re in the middle of birthday party planning, and you have no idea how to make a nutritious snack you could be sure the kids would want to eat, have a look at some of the basic guidelines you can always rely on.


Dark chocolate and yogurt are your friends

healthy snacks

These two are the first things you should put in your shopping cart when you’re preparing kids’ events. Dark chocolate and yogurt are very practical because you can dip almost any kind of fruit in them and have a simple yet healthy snack in no time. All you have to do is leave it to cool.

Plus, if you get more imaginative with the serving, you are definitely on the way to success. Take, for example, that you decided to use strawberries. Dip half of your strawberries in chocolate, and the other half in yogurt.

Once they are cool, you could arrange them on the platter in stripes, circles, or even in the shape of some cartoon characters.








Skewer everything

healthy snacks

If you want to make your snack the hit of your kid’s party, just skewer it. There’s something about eating food from a stick that makes all children love it. Furthermore, it gives you the added possibility of suiting the snack to the theme of the party.

If the theme of the party are fairies, skewering grapes or cherries and adding star-shaped piece of watermelon on top easily becomes the tastiest magic stick they have ever seen.





Waffle cones

healthy snacks

Instead of ice cream, fill the waffle cones with berries, diced melon, and maybe even some nuts.

If you want a savory version, you can also go with nuts, but mix them with some hard cheese, baby carrots or cherry tomatoes. The colorful ensemble will make the food look irresistible.

For the extra twist, you can order special sandwich flags with your kid’s favorite cartoon character printed and use them on the cones. If you know that there would be kids with certain food allergies at the party, you can have different flags printed for cones containing the allergens.

















Baking cups and cupcake liners

healthy snacks

Today you can find an abundance of different interesting prints of baking cups you can use even when not making cupcakes. Instead of baking, use those to make tiny fruit salads using fruit in season.

Just make sure that the baking cups or liners are related to the theme of the party. If you are ready to take up a challenge, you can even try using only the fruit of the same colour as the baking cups.

It can be said that the overall impression is: The colourful, the better. But if that’s what it takes to make the young ones eat healthy, we can only agree that it’s worth the time.

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