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Some Great New Year’s Eve Activities That Will Shake Them up and Keep Them Entertained

Want your child to stay up to celebrate the beginning of a New Year? It can be quite a challenging task to explain to younger children what all this staying up late is about. It goes entirely against their schedule and, even though it makes them really excited at first, it also makes them quite grumpy once their energy levels drop.
As always, if you spend a bit of time planning their evening in advance, you’ll probably manage to go through the entire evening without unexpected difficulties.
As we find holiday season especially inspiring, we’ve chosen several activities that will spark their creative side while helping them learn more about the peculiarity that is a calendar.
Sorting the calendar

Image source: https://www.babygizmo.com/lets-count-down-to-christmas-with-great-advent-calendars/]
new year eve activities
New Year’s Eve can be a great opportunity to remember about all the great events that happened throughout the year.
To do this you will probably need an old calendar.
Start by recalling mutual memories related to different seasons. Birthdays, vacations, field trips. Paint the picture in your kids’ mind by helping them remember what the weather was like, where you were going, and how they were dressed. It can be quite interesting to hear the memories from your child’s point of view.
Dance with them

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new year eve activity

New Year’s Eve is such a festive occasion. If you are celebrating it in the warmth of your home, you’ll might want to spark things up and give your kids a chance to spend the extra enthusiasm which can be fun for both them and you.
Create a playlist of their favorite songs and dance with them. If you feel extra enthusiastic and also have extra time on your hands you can work on your own choreography.



Change your time zone
new year activities












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If you don’t want to entirely disrupt their sleep schedule, celebrate New Year several hours in advance by pretending that you are in a different time zone and put your kids to bed earlier.
If you want to make the occasion particularly special, pour all of your drinks in wine glasses. Kids will feel particularly excited about being able to drink from “adult glasses”.
Bring out the crayons
new year activities








Image source: http://www.sheknows.com/kids-activity-center/articles/961757/how-to-create-a-reusable-coloring-book]

Instead of traditional “make a wish”, give them a push to do something they really want and can do. Tell them to think about one thing they would really want to do this year, or a place they really want to go to. Let them draw that and hang it on a refrigerator.
If there is even a slight chance that you can help them achieve their year’s goal, give it a shot. If it is something they have to do it on their own, like become better at drawing, or learning how to play a particular song, encourage them to do so once holidays are over.
Get them a new pack of crayons, save up for some extra classes, find a way to motivate them to achieve more.
Holidays are a perfect time to form special bonds with your kids. But the magic doesn’t have to end once the ornaments are taken down.
Everyday life of a parent can be hectic, but it’s own of our main duties to show support and offer encouragement so that they could now they can rely on us.



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