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How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: Clever Tricks for Healthy Diet

With all the colourful and sugary processed food out there, imposing a healthy diet on your kid can truly be a long and challenging struggle. Even we as parents know how hard it is sometimes to stay away from those crunchy double layered cookies, and we are supposed to be the ones in control.


So what can we do about it?




1. Cook with them


As you have probably noticed by now, kids love being included in “the grown-up business.” No matter how cute they look trying to act like us, it can slightly put us off at times. However, in this case, you can use that to your advantage.


Preparing a healthy meal for your kid can be a great opportunity for learning about veggies. Let your kid wash and dry them with a towel. If he or she is old enough, you can let them peel the veggies with a peeler or cut them with a butter knife.


The logic behind this is that the kids are more likely to eat something they made (almost) themselves. After all, you’ve probably noticed by now how much pride they take in the things they make, be it a mud cake or a paper mask.


2. Be creative


Another answer to the question of how to get kids to eat vegetables can be found in an analogy to one of our previous blog posts, which you can read HERE.




Kids are found to respond very well to visual stimulants, which can significantly ease your job of being a clean eating mom ready to invest more time into details. You can use colourful veggies to create little works of art any time you feel like your kid needs that extra boost. A little pop of colour into an everyday meal can go a long way with the little ones.


If you need more ideas to get you going, you can check out our Pinterest board, and save your favourites for a reference.


3. Hide the proof


Hard as it may be for us to admit it, our little ones can be surprisingly cunning at times. Mostly when we need it the least. That’s why we need that extra trick up our sleeve for when we don’t want them to know their least favorite veggie is on the menu.


– Shake things up a bit


You can cover your tracks perfectly by combining the notorious veggie into a smoothie with some tastier ingredients like bananas, apples, strawberries, and cherries. Not only is the content of the smoothie unrecognizable to them, but it is also often quite colourful, and colourful is always better.


– Bake, bake, bake


Colourful muffin liners can help pass things like zucchini and kale for tasty treats almost every time. You can also use other baked goodies to gradually introduce the unwanted ingredients without them noticing. It’s also a great way for slowly introducing wholegrains into their diet.


Also, don’t be discouraged if your kid, who once loved all kinds of vegetables, is now stubbornly rejecting them. Such “phasing” happens more often than you could imagine, and will most likely work in the opposite direction if you give them enough time and if you’re willing to put extra effort in making their healthy meals more enjoyable and versatile.

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