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Nifty Tips for an Awesome Birthday Party on a Budget

Birthday parties are such a big part of growing up. The whole excitement of having an event planned solely because of you and getting to play with a whole bunch of children and be excused for an enormous amount of sugar rush gives children so much drive. There are, of course, gifts and decorations with their names on it and the whole atmosphere that keeps them excited year after year.


The only part of planning a party that is not fun is having to pay for everything.


And, of course, it’s up to the parents to carry that all out. We all know how challenging that can be at times: That’s why we’ve prepared a concise but useful list of things that can save your budget when planning a kids event.


1. Space


If you live in an apartment or a small house and can’t carry out a party with a dozen of children running around, you have to find an alternative that doesn’t require renting a party place.


In summer months, you can enjoy the benefit of having a backyard, or you can ask your friends or your family to host a party at their place. With proper organization and planning in advance, you could be in and out of the house in less than 4 hours.


2. Decorations


The fact that you’re planning a birthday party on a budget doesn’t mean that one of the drawbacks should be plain walls. For one, you can borrow friends decorations from your friends or family, reuse them, and safely store them again until the next occasion.


Secondly, you can make this a mini project for your kids. You can get supplies of paper, glue, and glitter for a much lower price and have them decorate the place with your help.


Thirdly, if you’re really good at planning ahead, you can order decorations from some of the Chinese e-commerce websites, which are usually very affordable. The only downside is you having to wait a week or two for the order to be shipped.


3. Food


Budget-friendly solutions usually require some DIY on your side. But they are also usually worth it. First, you save up some extra cash and, secondly, your kids get to eat homemade food which is probably much less sugary than the alternative.


For more ideas on healthy snacks for birthday parties, you can check out one of our previous blog posts HERE.


If you don’t feel like you’re skilled enough to bake a birthday cake from scratch you can ask a friend to help you out. You can find some inspirational ideas on our Pinterest page. However, if you still don’t feel ready for that step, you can save up for the birthday cake by not shopping for the goodie bags.


Instead, fill the goodie bags with homemade cookies and tie them with some extra ribbon left from decorating the place. That way your goodie bags match the theme of your party.


Always plan ahead


Over the years we have worked on hundreds of parties, and the conditions we had to work in ranged from splendid to completely overwhelming. And let’s be clear: Issues happen. Mishaps happen.


Your pizza crust will get burnt, you’ll run out of cups, etc. Each of these situations is possible no matter how hard you try to prevent them. But the only way you’ll make sure to avoid as many of them as possible is to plan weeks and weeks ahead.


Also, if you have any other suggestions you think can help others when planning a budget friendly party, feel free to share them with us below.


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