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Family Fun: Easter Activities for Kids Everyone Will Love

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you probably know that we are big on holidays. Especially if they include coloring and lots of DIY projects. That’s what makes Easter such an amazing holiday for us.


This year we decided to bring the fun to a whole new level so we prepared a special event: Easter party with our beloved Easter Bunny as a special guest. If you and your kids want to join us and spend an amazing Easter filled with dancing and games, you can get your tickets HERE.


In the meantime, here are several Easter activities for kids we wanted to share with you.



A twist on the Easter egg hunt




We all love the best traditional game of Easter, the Easter egg hunt. However, we figured out that an occasional twist to what we’re used to can open the doors to a  whole new adventure. So, we discovered a couple of variations you could try:


1. Color coordination


One of our favourite variations is quite simple, but it can make the entire hunt last a bit longer. Giving you more time to: set up a table, finish frosting your cupcakes, or tidy up the living room before grandparents arrive.


Prepare the same number of eggs for every color, so that no one would feel left out. Then assign a color to each of your little hunters and let the games begin.


2. Scavenger egg hunt


Though this adaptation is not suitable for really young kids, it still is one of our favorites when it comes to Easter activities for kids because it is can be a brain teaser even though it is mainly a physical activity.


Depending on your kids’ age, come up with 3 or 4 different clues appropriate for them and leave them around the yard, or even neighbourhood.



Fun cuisine




If you’re one of those parents who spend the greater part of Good Friday in the kitchen making sure your eggs will be flawless, you probably don’t want your kids running around you uncontrollably.


To make sure they’ll be occupied and under your eye while you finish your part of the job, you can set them up with some edible play dough (or just ingredients and let them start from scratch if they are old enough to find their way around a mixer) and let them have fun.


If they don’t end up eating all of it right away, you can use some of their creations for arranging your table.





A motoric one



This activity is great if you’re ready to try different activities that will help with your kid’s motor skill. Also, if your toddler has trouble picking up on colors and remembering their name, you two together can have lots of fun solving this one together.


What’s even better is the fact that this entire activity is completely adaptable. Meaning that, if you don’t have buttons, you can use pom poms, candy, or bottle caps.


You can use plastic Easter eggs the kids’ have gathered during their egg hunt and an old muffin tin or a smaller basket to support the egg halves. Once your little one (or ones) are finished with sorting colours, you can reward them with a delicious Easter treat.




P.S. We’re going back to Pinterest, and if you want, you can follow us HERE. We’ll be posting regularly about our newest and zazziest parties, decorations and ideas, so feel free to join in on our Pinterest journey and share your favorite Easter moments with us!

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