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Star Wars Party Ideas for kids (Toronto & GTA)

Star Wars Party Ideas for kids (Toronto & GTA)

As you may have already noticed, Star Wars has made a strong come back and has overtaken all store fronts and displays. Darth Vader humidifier (which is super cool and available in Home Depot) is a must purchase for your child’s room! Star Wars has always been one of our favourite party themes and with the wave of popularity we have worked and continue to inherence the party experience for our little clients and their parents. Star Wars at Fairyland Theatre has has received amazing feedback from our clients.


Here are some great ideas and tools we would like to share with you!


FREE Star Wars party Invitations 




Purchase Lightsabers for kids to use during the party and take home as loot bags





Jedi Knight Training Session

At the beginning of the training session get the kids to say the Jedi Oath, not only it will set the Star Wars mood, but it will also get them to understand that using the lightsaber can be very dangerous, even a training one, and it is important to play safe.


“A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense not for attack. If I disobey these rules I will be dismissed from the Jedi Training Academy”


1st lesson: Activating the Lightsaber


2nd lesson:  Learn how to swing Lightsaber


Star Wars Dancing Game


Star Wars characters are all so different and each have their personal sound. There are 2 ways to play this game. If the kids like to dance, you can print masks of all your favourite characters such as: Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, etc. and have a freeze dance. When the music stops each child should pick up a mask of the character you call, hold it over their face and make the sound of the character. The other option it to play the sound of each character and have the kids guess who  it is.


Star Wars Certificates


At the end of the party, state that each child has successfully completed the Jedi Knight Training Academy and award them with this certificate.


Star Wars Certificate


Here is what we offer at our Star Wars party: 
The 1 hour entertainment program includes Jedi Knight training with
lightsabers and jedi knight cloaks hosted by the Jedi Masters Luke and
Leia. Each child will have the opportunity to learn the skills of a jedi
though challenging yet fun activities and show off the knowledge of their
favourite characters. Of course a party isn’t complete without some Jedi
dance moves. After the battle with Darth Vader each child will receive a
Jedi Knight Certificate for the successful completion on the course.

“I would like to say thanks to Leia and Luke and Darth Vader for coming to
Markus’ 8th Birthday party. The kids had so much fun! Leia was able to give
clear instruction as to what’s going to happen during the time they were
visiting. And Luke was able to provide the Jedi Training necessary to
battle Darth Vader. Every child had a chance to put into practice the
lightsaber skills they learned when they were faced with Darth Vader! The
party was a success, the children still talk about it. For my son it became
a long lasting memory that will stick with him for years to come. He still
says “Mama, my birthday party was the best one ever!” – Many thanks to
Fairyland Theatre and their actors for their professionalism and for
delivering an awesome party. It surpassed everyone’s expectations.” –
Review on Nov 06, 2015 by Milena Vargas.


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