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Monster High party! This month’s hit!

Monster High party

Monster High party

Have you heard of these monstrous tv series? If you have a 7-10 year old girl in your house hold you definitely have! The popularity of Monster High is growing day by day and attracting a wider variety of audience; younger siblings and even boys! Just to quickly describe this TV series, they is about teenage children of famous monsters, who attend a high school called Monster High. Each character is very unique in their appearance, personality and interests. We will not get into more details about the show itself, but rather tell you about our: MONSTER HIGH PARTY!
It has definitely become one of our favourite parties to host mainly because it is VERY FUN! The characters from Monster High are different from regular people, but yet many kids can find a character that they can relate to. To explain what we mean, lets for example take Frankie. She is just 16 days old, everything is new to her and she is taking her first steps to discover the world around her. Kids who join a new team or school, can relate to her and use her as a guide in helping them enter a new environment with a positive approach, just like Frankie. As much as she is the same, she is different because not everyday teenager has bolts on their neck which spark each time their get excited or nervous.
Originally when we designed the Monster High party is was for girls and boys ages 7 to 12. The games were challenging and required attention and team work. The first Monster High party we hosted was a huge success and we fell in love with this theme. Kids were super excited to meet their favourite Monster High characters, they knew all about them and all the games fit in so well. Once the theme was getting more popular younger siblings were requesting to have Monster High as well, and it was time to re-think this party. Now we are happy to say that this party is GREAT FOR ALL AGES! The flexibility of the theme and the variety of characters opened up many opportunities for games and activities that are fun for boys and girls of all ages. We can really say, don’t miss our Monster High party!

Monster High party


Monster High party

Frankie and Draculaura

Monster High party


















Why we love this theme:

Wide variety of games that are appropriate for all ages (from 3 to 12).

Great for boys and girls.
Each child can find a characters similar to them.

More information about the Monster High party: CLICK HERE

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